Optical Digital Fingerprint Scanner

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It adopts a metal shell, optica sensor, and external communication through USB interface. The supporting SDK supports the secondary development of various platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, wince, Android, and other platforms.In addition, the fingerprint instrument provides hardware-based fingerprint comparison and storage capabilities. Fingerprint scanner is an optical sensor (area type),an online product composed of software and hardware such as high-performance fingerprint comparison algorithm The work of the hardware part is to collect fingerprints and transmit them to the host through USB interface. The identification and comparison tasks are completed by the fingerprint identification software installed in the host.The product has the characteristics of high identification rate, small volume, durability and high cost performance. Strong applicability: for dry fingerprints, wet fingerprints, shallow texture fingerprints, fingerprints of the elderly, etc. have a high recognition rate. Wide temperature zone: it has strong adaptability to high temperature and cold; long service life: anti-wear, and the sensor can be used more than 100000 times. Specification Picture Size L75.2*W50*H31.2mm Weight 165g Shell Plastic Interface USB,Support OTG(TYPE-C,Micro-USB) Power Voltage 5.0V±5% supplied by USB Working current <200 mA Working temperature -10°C – 60°C Storage temperature -20°C – 70°C Working humidity 10% – 90% Storage humidity 20%(±3) – 90%(±3) Capture window size 12.8mm*14.4mm Image size 256*280 pixels Image Resolution 508 DPI Grayscale 8-bit, 256 Fingerprint image quality FBI CJIS-RS-0010 IAFIS Image Quality Specification Appendix F Feature format ANSI378,ISO19794 Image format WSQ,PNG,BMP,JPEG,etc. OS Linux, Windows, Android Development language C/C++,Java,C#,Delphi,etc