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The Network Cable Tester detects the most common wiring faults for TIA568A/568B, Token Ring, 10BASE-T, and 10/100 BASE-T twisted-pair cable installations up to 200 meters (656 feet). The faults detected by the Tester includes shorts, miswiring, reversed pairs and shielding faults on UTP or STP cables. JuST Male a cable into the main and remote units, and the Testerwill automatically begin testing. With its small form factor (2in x 3in x 1in), this tester is ideal to test network cable (Cat5, Cat6, UTP, STP, RJ45) continuity and wiring configuration.Quickly read the status of Ethernet twisted pair cables for faults such as open circuits, shorts, crossed pairs, reversed pairs and split pairs in seconds. The tester's compact design is very user-friendly, and enables the tester to be conveniently carried to any job site.
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